Ares - 2019

Tool developed for investigative journalists to collect and analyze hundreds of WhatsApp groups data during Brazilian elections. (scrapping the unscrappable)

Tribuna - 2018

This software project corrects, integrates, structures and optimizes all Brazilian Electoral Supreme Court's Electoral Data Repository into a single query-able relational database to facilitate investigation by journalists, hackers and activists.

Renda - 2018

Framework for cryptocurrency experiments: conceptualizes and operates Wallets, Markets, Ticks, Orders, Brokers, Arbitrage and Strategies in Crystal language.

Steganos - 2014

Creative conceptual-algorithm to encode & decode any digital file into an image, and vice-versa.

Mostre!me Cultura - 2013

Experimental Culture & Communication system, exposing with many filters all Brazilian Ministry of Culture financed projects of the last 10 years.

Copyfight Acervo MakingOff - 2013

Data-mined dataset of thousands of rare and curated movies and documentary torrents since the invention of the Cinema.

Rastros - 2012

Traces, in english, is a open-source software project that enables real-time detection and manipulation of movements.

WikiBot - 2012

It went to wikipedia and never came back | ExtraPolo + Fratura collective

Processing Sketches - 2010

A serie of Computer Vision experiments to manipulate real-time object detections.

Graphs - 2010

A serie of dynamic scripts which generates different data-visualization use-cases, from twitter follower-following circle to wikipedia semantic networks.

Mostre!me Links - 2009

Is a simple URL meta-referer and clicks monitor like, meaning 'show me' in Portuguese, with thousands of created links.

Consulta Natural - 2009

Implementation of the 'Natural Language Query System for RDF Repositories' from Nokia Research Center Cambridge, 2007, applied to a Google Talk chat agent. Ask him.

BaixoGávea - 2009

Integrates google images and discography domain model to handle hundreds of users and thousands of album-links with a sofisticated torrent meta-info panel.

Chat-RSA - 2008

ChatRSA is a software project which provides automatic RSA encryption/decryption messages in a simple safe chat box.

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